Monday, June 18, 2012

[ENGSUBBED VIDEO] 20120618 Music Bank in HongKong ~ CNBLUE Interview

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[HD PHOTOS] 20120618 JongHyun on ElleGirl Korea July Issue

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[PHOTOS] 20120618 MinHyuk on Vogue Girl July Issue

[NEWS] 20120618 CNBlue’s Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jong Hyun Are Enjoying Successful Acting Careers

CNBlue’s Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jong Hyun have successfully crossed over to acting. The two musicians are currently part of weekend dramas “You Rolled in Unexpectedly” and “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” both of which are recording high viewership ratings. Combined, their dramas attracted a viewership ratings of 50% on Sunday,  June 17. According to AGB Nielsen, “You Rolled in Unexpectedly” recorded 36.2% last night, while “A Gentleman’s Dignity recorded 16.6%.

Kang Min Hyuk stars “You Rolled in Unexpectedly” as Kim Nam Joo’s brother Cha Se Kwang, a natural player who can make a girl fall for him, regardless of her age. Adorable and charismatic, he’s also captured the hearts of his female viewers with his confident character. Lee Jong Hyun plays Colin, a nineteen-year-old student who comes to Korea in search of his biological father, supposedly Jang Dong Gun, Kim Suro, Kim Min Jong, or Lee Jong Hyuk.

According to their management agency, fans have expressed great interest and happiness in watching the series consecutively every Saturday and Sunday nights. A representative of FNC Entertainment revealed, “The four members of CNBlue gather every weekend to watch the drama, closely monitoring each other [fellow members].” He continued, “At the studio, they [Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jong Hyun] always have their scripts in hand and look over every detail.”
Meanwhile, CNBlue is planning on releasing its third Japanese single album, “Come On,” this August.

[FANPHOTOS|FANACC] 20120618 FanMeeting with JBOICE at COEX - 20120617

From Yong's Side ~ his guitars

From JongHyun's side 

Jonghyun's guitars

Fan Acc:
*Q: Do u like blue?
 MH: I don't really like it
 JH: MH hate blue
 JS: So, u don't like CN BLue too =)) haha JS ahh
 MH: I didn't say "I hate it"...
 JH: (to MH) What the hell do u like?
 MH: (quickly) I like soccer, baseball 

*who has the earliest first kiss, all 3 member's answer was Yonghwa. 
 JS: Because YH hyung is handsome and ... sexy 
 YH: (embarrassed)
 JH: (tease JS) You over did it!

Cr: CNBlue Gallery
Trans: Jennie @CNBLUE4U

[OFFICIAL PHOTOS] 20120618 CNBLUE ~ Love 1 festival in Osaka from modelpress