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[FANCAM|PHOTOS|VIDEO|FAN ACCOUNT] 20120716 HeartStrings Fan Meeting in Japan


YongHwa perspired a lot today. His tshirt was fully wet. At the end, they sang heartstrings theme song and  YongHwa said to fans: "you have fallen for me right!?"

YongHwa wore a pink top that he wore for filming. He said "(it) became smaller." This blouse will be a gift for the fans in the fan meet.

Joonhee(Minhyuk) and other casts appeared on the VTR. When filming, Shinhye said she likes joonhee more than lee shin. YongHwa continued saying "I like Joonhee too! "

The content of the show is the same as the first session. Only difference is YongHwa changed into a blue top. YongHwa saw male fans and became very excited and then he suddenly sang you have fallen for me while dancing GENIE!!!!! Shin Hye said " YongHwa ssi's dance is not bad, tell me your wish(genie)...." the people offstage shouted " dance dance dance!" and then the legendary(lol!!) chicken dance appeared. 

Playing with fans that section, theres one fanboy wearing cnblue's grey tee told shin hye: "you are my love light" everyone went crazy XD in the end only YongHwa chose this fan's gift...

MC wants shin hye to say a secret of YongHwa that only she knows. Shin Hye really really can't think of anything and said: " I don't notice him..". Shin Hye got asked for YongHwa's secrets again. Shin hye: " en~?" when thinking, YongHwa said: " she totally has no interest on me~~"

YongHwa: When eating ramen, cook it together with milk so even if you eat it at night, you wouldn't get fat the next day, but if you eat it everyday you will still get fat, pls be careful!! 

A fanboy shaked hands with ShinHye, and hugged YongHwa. Can say he can rest in peace already

Q&A talk. 

Q: a scene that you wouldn't act like what had happened the drama if it happens in real life? YongHwa: during the ending part, lee shin bcos of his hand injury, let go of gyu won, allowing her to pursue her education overseas. If its me, I wouldn't leave her. I think Lee Shin is a fool.

Q&A Talk; Q: a scene that you think you are the most handsome? YongHwa: during performance. Saw it on the tv and thought im quite handsome (laugh)

YongHwa: didn't see the stupid members after heart strings filming, especially the one playing the drums. He is so busy! (laughs) 

MC: YongHwa and ShinHye did not meet each other for very long time? Yonghwa: yea, around 3months. We met at the award ceremony before. 

[2nd session] Q&A Talk. Q: which part do you think shin hye acted most well in? Yonghwa: the scene when the sad lee shin cried, she was also there to cry with him.

[1st session] Q&A Talk. Regarding Yonghwa's secret? Shinhye: '' [very troubled] becos i dont really care about yonghwa so ...'' Yonghwa who was beside her told her smth and she said '' ah! He treated the female crews who were at the filming place very well, very well-mannered.

[1ST SESSION] Q&A Q: say a scene that you're sorry for. Shinhye: ''During the scene when lee shin had carry gyuwon on bike. Yonghwa, at that time, was perspiring due to the very hot weather, but he still continued cycling.'' 
Yong: ''No, becos shinhye is very light.''

[1ST SESSION] Q&A Talk. a thing that both of you are embarrassed of. 
Shinhye: ''Yonghwa is afraid of bugs. just this size big (using lil pinky to illustrate), he can scream out very loud.
Yonghwa: '' not this small, but is this big! (trying hard to use his hand to make it seems very big XD)
Shinhye: ''And although this is not related to embarrassed things, he is like a kid, when he thinks it is interesting, he will shout '' one more time! one more time!'' '' 

[1ST SESSION] Q&A Talk. Regarding the last scene - backhug. 
Shinhye: '' because yonghwa is really hot(warm) so i fanned him (to cool him down)'' 
Yonghwa: '' I think i'm always this hot...''

Fanaccount credit : 歐尼的妹紙
Translation: ribbon 




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